About B L Garbens Associates Inc.

B L Garbens Associates Inc. is a fee-for-service (fee only) financial planning firm based in Toronto specializing in delivering a comprehensive and integrated approach on all aspects of each client's financial situation.

We hold no licenses which means that we will not sell you products of any kind. Our advice is completely objective. We earn no commissions and the only remuneration we receive is from our clients.

Emphasis is given to delivering quality service and sound advice on a timely basis while developing an ongoing rewarding client/consultant relationship.

We welcome corporate sponsors and private clients alike. Previous clientele include CEOs, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, CFOs, CAOs, Directors, senior executives, mid level managers, lawyers, high net worth individuals, widows, single individuals and couples.

Meet the people you'll be working with

The B L Garbens Associates Network

Our services can be complemented by a network of other professionals who can assist in the execution of our financial planning recommendations in those areas where we personally cannot implement (such as will drafting, product sales, portfolio management).

B L Garbens Network We are very comfortable working with our clients' existing advisors. Our approach is not to replace relationships, but rather to enhance a client's team of professionals. Of course, where a client doesn't have any advisors, we can assist in putting together the best team for their needs based on their goals and objectives.