Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need professional assistance?
  • When you experience any life transition such as job change, marriage, additions to the family, loss of a loved one, retirement, etc. that calls for additional planning and expert advice
  • When you believe that you've lost control of your financial situation and need to regain focus
  • When you need to weigh the wisdom of maintaining the status quo vs the value of considering other choices

What benefits will I get from your services?
  • You will have access to an expert (either by phone or in person) who will be able to assist you in clarifying your personal and financial goals
  • By partnering with a professional, you will be guided in making more informed choices through increased financial knowledge
  • You will work with an expert who takes a comprehensive approach to your situation and will pull all aspects of it together and apply time, expertise and discipline in the achievement of your goals
  • Let us help you forward
  • You will receive clear, concise explanations that zero in on your specific concerns and provide detailed answers to all your questions
  • You will experience peace of mind knowing that you've taken control of your financial future by prioritizing your financial strategies

Who will I be dealing with?
  • You will deal directly with Barbara L. Garbens. Over the course of the assignment, an associate working with her may contact you, however Barbara L. Garbens will be responsible for the relationship and ultimately your satisfaction with the work prepared

Is my information kept confidential?
  • Absolutely. Information provided by you or your other professional advisors is confidential. It will not be released without your permission to any third parties other than staff under the direct supervision of Barbara L. Garbens and in the normal performance of their duties. Your information will only be used within the limits authorized by you. It will not be shared with any other person(s) or organization(s). Please refer to our Privacy Code for more details

What will your services cost?
  • You control the costs by working to your specific agenda
  • All fees charged are disclosed in an engagement letter sent to you prior to commencement of the assignment
  • Let us help you forward
  • Our fees are paid for solely by the client, ensuring a pure client/consultant relationship with no hidden fees or incentives working against your best interests
  • Fees range from $195 to $250 per hour depending on whether travel time is involved
  • For large assignments we provide an estimate of total cost before work starts
Sample Plan
*Please note: The sample plan is provided as an example of the types of graphs, tables and text that clients receive. Plans vary since each individual's situation is different. Your plan will include those graphs and tables pertinent to your financial situation. Text is always customized for each client report.