Individual Client Work

For individual client work, the hourly rate ranges between $195 and $250 (depending on travel time). Disbursements and applicable taxes (HST) will be added to the fee.

Fees for Services Our usual approach is to arrange a preliminary conference call to identify whether or not there is a fit between the client’s needs and what we can offer. Should we decide to meet subsequent to our conversation, it will be considered a consultation and will be billed at the regular hourly rate (plus applicable taxes and disbursements) whether or not we proceed with a larger assignment.

If additional consulting work and/or report preparation is required, we will provide the client with an estimate of the cost of the assignment before proceeding.

An engagement letter outlining our understanding of the assignment and confirming our approach and the fees that we will be charging will be sent to the client prior to any further work on our part. This letter will ensure that both the client and the firm understand the parameters of the assignment.

Tax Return Preparation

(See Tax Services)

We charge a minimum fee of $375 for a single return (plus disbursements and HST) and a minimum fee of $650 for a couple (plus disbursements and HST). We will be better able to evaluate cost for this service once we have a sense of the complexity of the return(s).

Please contact us for further details.