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Maybe all you need is for us to point you in the right direction. Below you will find a collection of links to help you with your financial planning.

Not only do we have links to calculators which can provide you with a general forecast of your financial future, but we also have links to relevant websites. If any links are broken then please let us know!

Useful Links

Professional Organizations
Financial Planners Standards Council | Institute of Advanced Financial Planners | Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists | Investor Education Fund | Advocis

Government of Canada | Ontario Ministry of Finance | Financial Consumer Agency of Canada | Internal Revenue Service - US

Canada Revenue Agency
Main Menu | Forms Interpretation Bulletins & Information Circulars | Fairness and Voluntary Disclosures | GST/HST Validator | Charities

Social Security Information
Useful links Canada Pension Plan & Old Age Security Information

Student Information
Student Scholarships | Saving for Education | Ontario Student Assistance Program

Investment Sites
Canoe Investment Site | Globe Fund | MorningStar Canada | V-Day Values | Historical Charts | Historical Stock Quotes

Family Law & Marriage Breakdown
Federal Divorce Act | Federal Child Support Guidelines | Spousal Support Guidelines | CPP Request for Estimated CPP payments in retirement | Credit Splitting Upon Divorce | Ontario Association for Family Mediation | Collaborative Divorce


Net Worth | Home Budget Analysis | Life Expectancy Calculator | Chequebook Balancer

Family Law
Spousal & Child Support Calculator

Auto Purchase Price | Buy v Lease

Bi-weekly Morgage Payments | Mortgage Calculator | Mortgage Comparison Calculator | Morgage Payoff | How Much House Can You Afford? | Mortgage Refinance Interest Savings | Rent vs. Buy

Loan & Debt
Amortizing a Loan | Consolidation Loans | Credit Line | Debt Payment Accelerator | Enhanced Loan | Line of Credit & Loan Payments | Loan Comparison | Low Interest Financing | Personal Debt Consolidator

Savings Calculator | Savings Goal | How Long Until You're a Millionaire | Compounding Interest

Education Savings | Student Budget Calculator

Disability Insurance | Life Insurance | Long Term Care

Annuity Payment | Retirement Planner | Retirement Shortfall | RRIF Payment Calculator | RRSP Loan Calculator

Your Investor Profile
Investor Profile Questionnaire

Exchange Rate Calculator